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— 31st October, 2011

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A Good Idea Is Not Enough…..

1st Call Recruitment is a local success story with growth of 70% over the last 12 months which now makes them the largest supplier of recruitment in the Bay of Plenty, with 13 staff and local management. They have several divisions that include the supply of Temp labour,
administration through to management and professional services such as Accounting and Legal as well as specialist nationwide divisions in Veterinary and IT and they are now actively expanding into other parts of the country, with branches already established in Auckland and Hamilton and Wellington and Christchurch well and truly in their sights for future expansion.

MD Phill Van Syp has always been an ideas man who exudes energy, but in today’s business climate that just isn’t enough. He realised his company had the potential to expand rapidly, but he knew he needed help in getting a solid platform to grow from as well as an outside perspective on their systems and practices.

After reviewing their needs and checking our database I assigned Daryl French from our pool of Tauranga Business mentors to assist 1st Call. Their first meeting was a pretty exhausting and lengthy affair, covering a wide range of topics and issues, which resulted in a long list of actions and questions to research. It was clear to Daryl at the first meeting that one of the main issues was that Phill was working too much ‘in the Business’ and not enough ‘on the business’. Once he got some time back Phill was able to do better forward planning and budgeting which allowed his good ideas to indeed become a viable business reality.

Phill has some good comments to make about the process so far, and makes the point that getting advice from an outside perspective from experienced people who have been there and done it is key, and he is looking to make that kind of advice a permanent part of his management system.

Specifically he comments “Advice from Daryl has been invaluable, has helped with structure, process and networking to the next level, which was exactly what we needed to grow into Auckland and future branches. We have focused our team on delivery and implemented several new processes as a result of the meetings we have had with Daryl, the biggest being the management structure which is being split into specific focus areas.

Daryl definitely made 1st Call review why things are working and why they aren’t and guided us to look at how we can implement changes throughout the whole of our organisation as well as being the driving force behind getting a few key tasks actioned.

We have been growing at an alarming rate from referrals from satisfied clients and we feel confident that the tools Daryl has given us mean we are more than up for the challenge to continue to grow and expand.”

Daryl’s background and knowledge was an excellent fit for 1st Call Recruitment and the matching of this Mentor with an organisation such as 1st Call is definitely another success story for Business Mentors.

Richie Wellsbury is head of our Biz Advisor
and Business Mentors

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